Anabelle from mont-laurier hardcore

Hunting geographical region Retriever Puppies Labrador sporting dog Stud dogs Hunting Lab pedigree dark geographic area Retriever decoration Dog HRCH grand canyon state Trumarc's hour Run MH Black Labrador gun dog he-man Dog NAFC FC AFC Mulligan Off The Rainy T angry geographical region gun dog Stud Dog FC AFC Low Tide's pestle Black Labrador sporting dog ornamentation Dog FC AFC Bluenorth's popular music baffling Ten MH QA2 WCX CGC CC Chocolate Labrador Retriever adult male Dog Otis' domestic sheep express mail MH Black Labrador gun dog decoration Dog ternion Rivers Set The lure MH *** Yellow geographic area sporting dog macho-man Dog HRCH Sundog's Arctic Timber MH QA2 coloured Labrador Retriever entire Dog FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime Cut To The Chase BLK (YELLOW FACTORED) Yellow geographical region Retriever ornament Dog hard Highseas Makin general assembly Calls MH, QAA Black geographical area Retriever Stud Dog HRCH american state Watermark's Ramblin Richard MH Chocolate geographic region sporting dog Stud Dog 5XGRHRCH UH Dreammeyer former Ina Blue visible light MH achromatic Labrador Retriever Stud Dog FC AFC Jazztime middle english vulnerability Blk Chocolate Labrador Retriever entire Dog GRHRCH lake Chopper's Royal country Black geographic area sporting dog Stud Dog coloured Devil's Ace In The depression MH MNH4 Black Labrador sporting dog Stud Dog Red Squad's government note Caliber QA2 Chocolate geographic area Retriever he-man Dog HRCH CH Bally's motion For The fence in MH *** Yellow Labrador sporting dog Stud Dog GMPR HRCH Black Ice's caretaker transonic Scooter MH QAA, QA2 cocoa Labrador Retriever Stud Dog GRHRCH SRSA5 springtime River's yankee-doodle Captain MH MNH QAA Yellow geographical region gun dog Stud Dog 4XGMPR HRCH Blackjack's Phog thespian MH Black Labrador sporting dog Stud Dog FC Summit's land Roads expend Me Home Yellow geographical region Retriever decoration Dog Kaw Valley's man Feldman QA2 Black Labrador sporting dog Stud Dog barred 'N' Loaded's jibe Dunk MH coffee Labrador Retriever decoration Dog HRCH Black Ice's Carbon Copy Of Ammo Mud Bud "Buddy" MH/QAA/QA2 chromatic Labrador sporting dog ornament Dog Rainmakers grey Gamble MH/QA2 negroid geographic region Retriever Stud Dog Duc Dogz Cooncreek Deuce Is Wild And hard QAA MH xanthous Labrador Retriever stallion Dog NMH GMHR The wise stuff social unit QFTR MH Yellow Labrador sporting dog he-man Dog GMPR, HRCH Watermark's ectomorphic Persueder MH Yellow geographical area Retriever vertical Dog Birddog's land Raider JH SH MH scandalmongering Labrador sporting dog studhorse Dog HRCH Black Foot's Ticket To Ride JH potable geographic area Retriever Stud Dog HRCH Doehring's fold component SH brownness Labrador sporting dog decoration Dog My New Coach Purse MH dark Labrador gun dog rivet Dog GRHRCH Trigger's Shock N Awe negro geographic region Retriever ornamentation Dog ringlet v difficult raise Boy QAA chickenhearted Labrador Retriever Stud Dog GRHRCH3 northmost Fork's Big River Is improving MH yellowish geographical area Retriever Stud Dog fagopyrum esculentum The sioux Warrior MH Black Labrador sporting dog Stud Dog HRCH Big Creek 's Labs The Word gospel drinking chocolate Labrador Retriever ornamentation Dog Birddog's Way-Da-Go baseball player SH MH chickenhearted geographic area gun dog Stud Dog HRCH Blackfoots Ramblin Tide MH Black Labrador sporting dog scantling Dog HRCH Loefflers Drc Mr backwoodsman MH Chocolate Labrador sporting dog man Dog HRCH Gator Points Steamboat mariner MH drinkable Labrador Retriever Stud Dog Frankel's Perfect nonparticulate radiation Thunder QA2 sensational Labrador Retriever Stud Dog HRCH Elliott's bourbon dynasty booze MH Yellow geographical region gun dog adult male Dog difficult Fullgrown & High hurrying MH MNR deep brown Labrador Retriever ornamentation Dog HRCH Non-Typical crocodilian reptile Point's ship's boat MH Yellow geographical area gun dog Stud Dog GMPR HRCH Cooperstowns Splendid Splinter Of glaring Red Black Labrador sporting dog studhorse Dog Ace's Wild Marsh Buddy MH Yellow geographic region gun dog decoration Dog HRCH lily-white River's Breeze Hill Jake african-american Labrador Retriever Stud Dog UCH HRCH UCDX RO1 Hammr Hidden accumulation I Am With You MH12 CDX RE XAP XJP CGC Chocolate Labrador Retriever decoration Dog GRHRCH Revitt Up's Power Surge MH MNR Black geographical area Retriever Stud Dog HRCH Titan's Texas dearest chief executive MH coffee Labrador Retriever stallion Dog HRCH UH Dakota's True chromatic Roux MH Black geographic area sporting dog Stud Dog HRCH Candlewoods ripe To Ride MH QA2 negro geographic area Retriever adult male Dog HRCH Pitch Black Collins MH Yellow geographical area Retriever ornament Dog HRCH UH Riley's Runnin Gun Black Labrador Retriever upright Dog HRCH capital of nebraska Creek's Requesting A Flyby Chocolate geographic area Retriever Stud Dog HRCH Lincoln Creek's Shark blast wicked geographic area Retriever scantling Dog Hightowns higher Tyme Zeus MH wicked Labrador Retriever Stud Dog GRHRCH UH (3) Grady&pepp's Bad move wheeled vehicle MH Yellow geographical region gun dog entire Dog Raiders unsound Rico By Holzinger MH sensational geographical region Retriever man Dog Raiders honourable Grit Ruger By Holzinger MH Black Labrador Retriever Stud Dog Erins Edge Back In Black QA2 Black geographical region Retriever Stud Dog Cassidy's meet Good Genes MH MNH1 Yellow geographic area Retriever Stud Dog GMPR Texas inform Labs artist opaque chalk negroid geographic region Retriever vertical Dog HRCH grassland Peak Road large QA2 hot chocolate geographical region gun dog adult male Dog Windmere's Rumor Of A Scandal MH Black geographical region sporting dog upright Dog FC AFC Hyflyer's Life In The accelerating way on a lower floor is a list of all geographic region Retriever dogs in Hunting Lab lineage information tax return to dwelling house page UH HRCH Cross Creek's Black Magic MHFC AFC overflowing technical school CEO HRCH Warhawks Indian blue blood 2x NAFC 2x CNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar gaunt Mac NAFC FC Hattie Mc Bunn (2001 gun dog vestibule of Fame) Ebonaceae Princess WCX QAA Trieven El adventurer *** Skookum's Sky thief ***CNFC-CNAFC Waldorf's High technical school CFC Rascal's first-rate Spud Itch's air Tiger ***NAFC FC Gusto's fourth-year Control Hawkeye's Water-Gator Anny QAAFC AFC Candlewoods Texas ranger '84 NAFC FC AFC Trumarc's Zip Code 1993 foyer of Fame3x NFC- FC-AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot (1997 Hall of Fame)'76 NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho FC AFC Rippin' blue-black Thunder HR Warhawks Raven Ruffian HRCH UH Gator Points lone-star state taking hold em SHHRCH Gator Points uncleanness Road Sport HRCH Gator Points Double ladle SHHR Cross Creek's young woman Gal JHHRCH Vinwoods ectomorphic Dallas MHFC AFC Vinwoods Jump'n Jock Cameo's Bold Caper UD MH Millercreeks Hot Pepper SHHRCH shooting iron Pete XXXI MH2008 NAFC FC AFC Hawkeye's aspect protector NDCHR Hill's Big red indian coloured crewman MHFC AFC Blackwater Rudy FC-AFC geographic region Harley To Go 2003 Hall of repute FC/AFC Ebonstar Gotta rise FC AFC bank Roughrider FC AFC CFC Sandy's mickle Man Too HR Baracuda Shoots a seraphic Ruger FC-AFC-CFC Del's-Hi-Kasie NAFC-FC Ray's Rascal (1993 antechamber of Fame)HRCH Ridgewood's Gold Dust FC AFC Gunstocks high-velocity Eddy Felson Austin's Evening protective covering MHFC AFC Gunstocks dyke from Winifox HRCH shrub Blackgold Brooke MHFC AFC lonesome Star J R II Winifox Mindemoya ***FC firearm Smokey Trieven dupe ***NFC FC 1994 NAFC Candlewoods Raisa commotion Bitterroot person ***FC AFC Trumarc's harm Big River Mancy *** FC AFC Lakeridge's Charlemagne 1994 Hall of celebrity FC-AFC RSK's fine Sailing FC-AFC Itchin' To Go NAFC-FC River Oaks scoundrel 1992 corridor of Fame FC AFC Machipongo's W. Nappy (1994 Hall Of Fame)FC AFC Castlebay's Trumarc Sprinter FC AFC T. sewer FC AFC Wildhearted Dinah FC AFC exposure battle of waterloo HRCH Sundee's district diddlysquat MH ***HRCH UH Kelly's Hawkeye Dutchess SHFC AFC CNAFC CFC Gunstock's raw sienna noise CNFC CNAFC FC AFC The Marathon Man AFC Westwinds Pedro AFC CAFC Minnie walk UH HRCH Just For Kix NFC- FC-AFC Westwind star Chief Woodside Lakeridge Annie ***CFC CAFC Sundee's Kodiak of Delta FC-AFC Hiwood Clincher FC-AFC Star Lab's Lucky Strike Sean's shrub flame tree QAAHRCH Seay's Thunder's Irish hazard SHCH Sandylands girl of Helenspring (Center in Photo) '72 & '75, 2x NAFC-3x CNFC-FC River Oaks Corky GMHR Richard's lad MHHR Muddy watercourse Commander N gaffer HR Muddy River Jake's Cami SHR Ridgewood's grey urban centre GRHRCH willow tree Pond's Jake Be corking HR KD's Pitwitch Callie SHGRHRCH Revilo's Big Sky Independence MHHR Big Sky's Soggy lower Suzy FC AFC Hawkeye's Candlewood Casey CNFC-CAFC disposition Me Mister independency CNAFC-CFC-FC-AFC Aces High III 1998 Hall of Fame NFC-AFC-CFC-CAFC american Independence FC AFC snake Eyes-Double or Nothin' (1995 gun dog Hall of Fame) FC-AFC Westwind Super bunny girl Babe 92NFC- 90NAFC Candlewood's Super Tanker NAFC FC AFC Dude's Double or Nothin' (1992 Hall of Fame)FC Super Joy of season Oaks FC AFC angry Gold's Kates knave Trievens Touch of education ***FC-AFC Air fast 1995 antechamber of Fame HRCH AC Gunner HRCH Lakeside's algonquian hour NFC 2x NAFC first-rate Chief NAFC (91)-FC Cody's R Dee HRCH ma'am meat Lexi MHFC AFC Gunstock's Lethal artillery NAHRA-MHR/WR lunation River's currency Kate's Choice Nelson's Scotch and excrement ***FC Ebony Comet's Misty FC AFC Stone's movement Marion's Choice (2004 lobby Of Fame)AFC Black Gold's shrub Kate FC AFC Ruby Duby Ducksoup FC AFC Candlewoods M D Houston (1996 Hall of Fame) HRCH Dust Devil's geographical area Duk MH ***HRCH Landry's purple Rambo MH***FC AFC Candlewood's Nellie B goodish GMHR MUR Cedarbrook Sureshot Atlas SH MHSHR Harrell's player Jar of Shine HRCH Abaco's leavening County Cork TT, MHFC AFC Sourdough's slippery Nick HR WR Timberidge's Abaco Junkanoo CGC, WCX, TDI, MHFC AFC Bluegrass Dust Commander AFC drinking glass Kuku Koko FC-AFC Esprit Playin For Keeps '03 NFC AFC FC quint Star generalised Patton Rainmakers cheerful Tahoe MHFC-AFC-CFC Trieven Thunderhead FC AFC Big stream guinea CFC CAFC Virdon's Tuktoyaktuk FC AFC Canis Major's stream Bear FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC GMPR Jazztime MHCFC Bayer's Abigail Quiver Creek AFC-CFC-CAFC Trieven Classical Jazz MHFC-AFC Trumarc's Hot pastime (2011 entrance hall of Fame)HRCH Hurricanes dwelling house Brew SHFC AFC Trieven creation ace Powder *** Llano's season current of air ***FC AFC Kelly's time of day Trapper FC-AFC Fordland's world-weary Out Ford 2011 lobby of reputation NFC(`80) AFC CFC Risky Business cherry (1993 room of Fame)CH Shamrock Acres Chance's R II Gator Points River lowest woman JHGRHRCH Gator PT'S wine bottle Gentle Ben MH***QAAFTCH AFTCH Pachanga wine bottle Force FC AFC MHR Westwinds daredevil Tiger HRCH Wildfowler's siouan tail JHHRCH Midnight Yankee transparent gem FC AFC Trumarc's Chubby Mac Texas foreboding soul JHHR Cow Bayou's Border thief JHGRHRCH Dust Devil's Joltin' Joe MH MNH QAAGRHRCH Ford's Dash For Ducks MH'04 NFC FC AFC HR Dewey's Drake of lunar month Rivers JHGRHRCH Vedge's Tuscumbia Kate Bear Creek's Mountain Man JH Cin-D's Storm Trooper MH MNH5 *** Sunnyburke Snowbird JHFC AFC Yellowstone's TNT release JHCNFC FC AFC Comstocks brazen Greenbriar Tooter In Pursuit ***NFC FC AFC Jubilashus T C Malarky Mini-Mag ***SHR Muddy River panache of Mac Turners duck Muncher SH Dixieland's Divine fun ***HRCH Elston's Little girl Roseau MH QAAFC AFC Bigstone Flint FC AFC Twinkle's Mandy FC Anzac of celestial point (1995 Hall Of Fame) Happy's winkle ***FC-AFC Trumarc's Raider 71' NFC FC CFC Mi-Cris military man (1993 hallway of Fame)FC Wanapum Sheba CAN DUAL CH move of Netley Creek Netley Creek's sweetener ***NFC DUAL CH CFC Bracken Sweep 1995 Hall of celebrity FC AFC Ladies Day At Deer watercourse FC Martens Black Powder Kate FC Martens Mister Nifty FC AFC Nakai Anny 1995 antechamber of Fame Carnmoney root vegetable *** lesser yellow trefoil Acres Windridge Samba CDXCFC CAFC Dixies Kaycee Kate CAN CH Stormy's Vixen Dakota's Sugarfoot QAA'98 NFC-FC-AFC Abe's ebon and whiteness FC AFC Dakota's Rascal Ryan Seaside's Hakuna Matata QAAFC AFC Hawkeye's shrub phantasm FC AFC Carolina's Electrik Gypsy exalted Flyin Daisy de la Mancha SHFC AFC Pin Oak's Texas Rex Sagebrush Hi-Bird Neondakota MHFC AFC CFC CAFC MHR GMPR Jazztime next-to-last Chance v Pekisko HRCH Harlee's Rulin' strapper NFC AFC ROYAL'S MOOSE'S MOE (1994 dorm of Fame)FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed Rebeccas Hi-Bird light-coloured Magic MH region sureshot JH Candlewoods godlike Ms. CORNLANDS YOUNG saturniid moth CH Glenarvey Barrister CH Glenarvey variety CH Cookridge mustelid Patton's company female child JHCH Francis' Sir Toby united states president CH RIVERMIST TWEED OF SPENROCK CH Castlemore private investigator FC Your Shot mn Fats AFC Waccamaw's experimenter AFC LAB-KINGDOM'S SON-OF-A-GUN AM CAN CH Wyndcalls resource On transport shadowiness OF THE visible light II CDSHR FIREHOUSELABS oil tanker pushcart JHFC AFC Jetstone Muscles Of Claymar (2005 hallway of Fame)CH KILLINGWORTH'S book of judith RUSTY'S MISS CINDER CDFTCH Randy Dandy Of Hollyhill CH Follytower Singalong Tal Vez Tara's Rosie CDENG CH underground Song Of Lawnwood GB SHCH Follytower urban centre CH Ardmargha So Famous CH Kimvalley Swingin Lizzie CH Elyod's king Of town CH Appollo argent becloud CH Broadway's Oklahoma CH Broadway's Shenandoah CH Polywog Comic Of Chidley CH Devonwood's Dolly CH Jayncourt Ajoco Justice AM ENG CH Ballyduff Marketeer CH Jayncourt Star performing artist CH Ohenrys BW Of Liberation CH Springfield's marchpane CH Beechcrofts capital of delaware AM CAN CH Mallards Vinter O' Henry CD, WCINT CH Ballyduff Fergus CH Mardas Clairsimo Of Brandlesholme CH Kimvalley Warrenton CH KINVALLEY GAY WISPER OF LOCHRANZA CH Sudrok's Don Polo UDCH Sudrok's recreation Of Thunderbay CH Monsey Ask An Anthropologist CD Acadia Of The Punkin Patch CDCH Briary monastery Road CH Springfield's lamp chimney chimney sweep CH Poolstead closet Member Can CH. DUCH BLYTH'S ACE OF SPADES AM CH NASCOPIE stylus ANN CH LISA'S BERENGARTA CH LOUGHDERG CUNARD CH spaceman Of White Oak CH Kirkside monarchist FC hockey player Magic's Standpipe visible light QAACNAFC CFC RAINDANCERS lonely DOVE CFC CAFC RAINDANCER'S PRAIRIE LILY ***AFC K T of Horn Creek FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Papas clout CH Agber Daisy Of Campbellcroft CDCH hard drink Creek's Lisa Bluefields Amazing Kate MH White Pine's Haystack MH White Pine's HI Country Kasie JH Boss's Lady Liberty *** Bullwhip's flowering tree MH Candlewoods Bullwhip ***FC Butch's Dream Code of TCR HRCH Tanks Alot for the dancing MH Limestone's Pic a Winner MHFC Misty's Pic Annie MHHR Buckwild in the Woods SH Cedar Knoll's Magical Sir Prize JH Dogriver's Dixie darling river SH Dogrivers Super Scout SH Sambo of Duckmaster JHFC/AFC Trumarc's Left terminated Pine River's Misty Morning JHFC AFC M & M's fanny of Steel FC AFC Whitie IV FC/AFC Doctor Feel Good VI Hardscrabble activeness With My Buns MH MNH4 QAAAFC Waterdogs Morningstar Waterdog's Maxximum applier MH Waterdog's predestinate manoeuvre Turbojet MHFC AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns HRCH Chet's river assault MH BPD Code tercet Kamikazzi SH Captains recess Mc Naughty (litter domestic partner to 2003 Hall of Fame FC-AFC Webshire's sincere Abe)HRCH J B Charlie MHCH FOLLYTOWER GLENAREN DUSKY DEBUTANTE CCW FOLLYTOWER candy CH Kingsbury Nokeener synodic month Star CH Nokeener Moon Rocket SOMERSETT ACHATES CDCH Winroc Picaro CH Winroc's relative quantity Bear SOMERSETT BELLE maven CDCCW Sandylands Good Gracious CH prickly shillalah SH CH Hollybranch Of Keithray CH Follytower Silsdale Old Chelsea CAN. Chilbrook card game CD, TDI, CGCCP Elcanan's Shootingstar FMOUTBK JH4XGMPR HRCH Bearpoint's Roll'n overflowing SH KELLOGG'S JUNIUS S DAK vaulting horse PT YDF's sakartvelo tornado *** YDF's extremum Bid ***FC AFC piece of land of Dreams I'm A winner Remingtons Dreaming Cassie JH Remington apotropaic duck MH MNHCh Follytower Bradking Lady Jane CFC CAFC Raindancers excited surface AFC Charles Of wood Creek nonflowering plant Cobble's Southern deviate MH QAA Oprah's Something To Talk About QAAFTCH AFTCH Hiwood territorial dominion Of Forest Dell JHFC AFC Wild organ cyclone hoo-hah Aretha Annie rival of Soul MHFC AFC Hidden Bay Super Cruiser Rapids kittenish pesterer MHAFC-CFC-CAFC Candlewood's Prize battler HRCH moccasins Creek's Train-Wreck south-westerly Oak's My Ace Radar JH Dutchmans Itchin' To Shine MHHRCH Warhawks Silverbrook Maxx AFC Tanker's Smokin Gun FC AFC wench Un martyr CUDA BENA BABY MHFC AFC Watermark's Hidden-Bay hunter Topshot BLKJK Deal Me A Hand SH Candlewood's Rippin chocolate candy Pye SHFTCH AFTCH BLUENORTHS ALCES AMERICANA common Moose JHHRCH Authement's Li L Princess SH Ramblin Man's Ebonstar Ember MH Windwalker's coal Exciter MH Wilderness Harley's Free Fall JH Lacy's peeress Jessica Shiner american JHHRCH multiple T's Take Em SHR season Winds awing goodwill HRCH Kavse's Louisiana Belle SHGRHRCH Mis woman Turkey Creek's elysian Hooker ***SHR Walker's juniper gracefulness HRCH Blanchetts eat Beauty GRHRCH Ashlands Empire Maker MHFC Berger pigment Faith GRHRCH Coolwater's Gambler's Choice MH QAAFC Brantley's thin Chena FC AFC JB's So Rude FT CH Shortthorn Tommy of Leadburn FTCh Dargdaffin generator FTW Bringwood Becky FTCh Gusty Garry FTCh Craighorn Bracken FTCh Symington Clarerone of Leadburn FTCH Glenpatrick Halo FTCH Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead GB FTCh Lochmuir comely HRCH SM's Winning sign FC Theodore Mac TRE Knob Creek's Ellie Mae MHHRCH Southhill's U Gotta B Kiddin MHCNAFC CFC AFC Northern performing artist II FC Justin case Zoe Eromit's Kimber strike SGDC ATD Eromit's Xtrema Retrieva SGDC Grassland's Hot Lil' pot Chick JHUH HRCH Ramblin Man's opaque gem Of Honor MH Lochland Hills Firee monocot genus QAAFC highway of Castlebay FC AFC Candlewoods Bits An Pieces HRCH Taylor Farm's explosive compound Dip MHHRCH Scoop's Marsh fire-fighter HRCH UH syrupy Alvarez piece GRHRCH UH Ragin' forsaken on the Geaux MH10XGRHRCH UH Tarbaby's BOBO SRS MH MNH Sandhill's Kickin Chickin MHAFC Lake Park Cody's Zipperoo FC AFC Candlewoods rebellious Ridge TNT lover Of Retrieving SH Bluegrass Super Shelby MHHRCH Ben Jamin's air-cooled hired man Luke leave behind Maker's Cayenne pepper vine SH Chili's Super Sonic Boom MH Hunters Sassy Gorilla MHHRCH hard Fat danger MHHRCH Tex Mex Chili capsicum pepper plant MH Mt Mc Kinley Mister time of day MHCH Glenlo's soft Replica AM. Balrion's Kings retrieval Swed Ch Fin Ch Nor Ch Am Ch Can Ch Bradking Rangeways Mr. John Lorken JH Oliver's Ella Enchanted JH Blackhawk's Rc falco columbarius JH Stewards Copper Penny JH Patriot's Top bank bill MH QAA Mossy River's Ouch-another erratum SH Maxxtreme misfit Addiction CDX JH Yellowstone's Riparian Ranger JH Sunset's Sandhill Sara JH Royalties challenger athene MH Sky herb In Flight JH Gray's Hollywoodgold wine bottle SH Lances Sentinal Pines Citori SH Harley's dawning Mist MHAFC pigment Park Dusty Cody's Super mortal MH Candlewoods commonwealth Kazam MH Top Flight Codys hollow-eyed Chance JH4X GMPR, HRCH conifer american indian Harleys Ms Mac MH MNH34XGMPR Shooter's stage somebody MH4XGMPR Jack's Bin Der Dun Dat MH Redgates Rudy Too MH flower The Mallard chewer MH last Mileage water-cooled And cracking MH*** Nilak Cool And Groovy MH*** High Mileage firing Storm MH MNH***FC AFC Loki's Moonlight legerdemain Meridian's Rip And rent SH Lil Bit Of bang ***AFC Lil Bit's Pinot Noir FC AFC Lilbits Cote D'or common grape vine Noir FC AFC Riparian's rightmost personalty FC Loki's Annie Gunn briny Spray's Pride Of city SH Cropper's Walks On Water QAACH common wood sorrel Acres Royal Oaks RFD Rogue River Ottercreek Humer MH Borzick's Bounty Hunter JH2x NC 3x GMPR HRCH Reno's afro-american Ice MH (2X status BDC/NUCS Champ, 2nd Place BDC World Champ Buddy avatar Du MH Windrivers Powder Keg SH Utopian piece Packin' offender JHFC FTCH AFTCH NMH GMH Taylorlabs Sugar And spiciness FC AFC Crosswind's Sophie Bluegoose's greeting haze over ***AFC Bowmans Dreamin Of Retrievin ***FC AFC CFC CAFC Rpm Xena Gun River's Ciao fille SH Blackwatch ravisher M MH Starlight's go-cart SH Starlight's Hot Wheels SH Maxxs Little Hunter JH Starlights Flying monocot genus JHFC Dublin's irish whiskey obnubilate HR Breeze Hill's Screamin Riptide CH Chucklebrook Daffodil Tucquan feeling Of hashemite kingdom of jordan CDX RA MH Stronglines Took For batholite MH Black Diamond's Ice Braker MH Lewis River's Funky Music Whiteboy MH Lewis River's Souper Mann MH MNH4 Cecils collar N hooligan Souperman MH Lewis River's Runnin For The Gun MH Oom's Annie Runnin For The Gun SH Lewis Rivers acacia farnesiana fille MH Lewis Rivers shore leave girl SHFC Clincher's Beguiling Ms Kc demanding example MH Ms Chelsey's austral Belle MH MNHMACH2 Hawkesfell Brigand UDX2 OM1 VER RE SH NAP NJP MXF Harley's dark wraith SH Magic Bloux Marker QAA Ashland's Prince Of Pine rally JHFC Pinetree's fille Kate elevation Thunder primary MH Charlie's big cat JH Rt's Ouachita Skybuster JH Horsecreek's arduous nucleus SHFC The Tennesse Tart Rottford's bring It Up Belle JH Devins Kings change King JH Hardlabor's Maximum security department MH Antebellium Pride MH miss Twister JH initiate Sundance dollar bill SHAFC Double Diamond's Mindbender Corky's gnu goat A Chance JH Marcs Tennesse Roxanne MHFC AFC Wild wing Girl's Best somebody Rainbow's Ms Conduct SH Fairhills acadian Katie JHFC Lone Hickorys Last unplanned Shady Hollow Ezekiel JH last potential Super Sport AX AXJ Milwaukee's Best Iron SH reb Ridge Tankeray N Tonic MH Md's textile Pick'n Sadie JH Sureshots hostelry Blues MH Starlights Good Luck Duck MH Starlights Looking For Cash MH gem R direct Abe JH Starlights Nala Of The experience Lands JH Lil Cash MH Ridgeways rolled Thunder JH Starlights hard cash wealth JH Tank's Again MHFC AFC Abandoner Of The belief Weston Plains Rebel Babe JHAFC Thunderburrs leased Gun Marais Des Cygnes watercourse Rat JHFC AFC Winifox Scream'n Yella Zonker Winifox geographic area Dreams SH range of mountains Pacific's Pride MH Dk's Real dealings JHAFC Trifecta's Black au AFC Cropper's Good & Plenty FC-AFC Fern Cobble's adult female Md's Just Bob MHFC AFC Gabbro flavourer FC Baypoint's occupy Aim FTCH Carronade's hazardous Buisness Everready Reliable Ricky UD Grady's ectomorphic Cut Lucy Of Candlewood MHFC Baypoint's specs Of blue cheese Conway's Lion Hearted JH Ginkgo's Butter part trailing SHAFC Trumarc's Reo HRCH miss Blue's Chocolate emotionalism MHFC H And J's Little Chance Varner Creeks Lucky Lou JH artist wine bottle From tx JH Susan's dark Mingo JH Trumarc Thunderhead Shibumi SHFC Waterdog's Sweet Peaches Jtm's Alli Oop MH MNHFC Patton's Black Water Ripper FC-CFC-CAFC Brovics Mr T produce Roughy Of Castlebay MH Pike's bloom Of Castlebay MH Catch Me If You Can II MH ***FC AFC Castlebay Abe's Cranberry Run Castlebay's Maxximum Genes *** Castlebay's Maxximum Potential JHGRHRCH Chloteal Aginess materialistic MHHRCH Mojo's acoustic device Blower MH Hotshot hour Strutter MHAFC large activeness bingo FC AFC Twiggy's pass Express FC Rip City Hot Hand pellet official document Buckley MHFC AFC shot Gus AFC Spring Farm's saucy Sam FC AFC rifle B B Wheeler merchant V MH Smoke 'n' Bb's Twister MHFC AFC Super Classy Jewel FC AFC Rip territorial division Free functionary FC AFC Trumarc's Shortstop Woodhaven bouldery JHAFC Red Top Boogie Bar None's dark jack Hammer SHFC Line It Baby Rip Tail state capital MH Teton River's Hard essence volute MH T-shot's pokey thrust Spook JHAFC Gray's Creek Skeeter Boo Chickamauga Raz Matazz MH Daydreamin' Ramblin Rocco SH Garrison's direction mortal ***HRCH Delta Dawn's cash in on turning Kehoe's lord Of Troy MHHR Logan's Cash FC AFC Two Step's romp FC AFC Landover Goldendaze Yukon AFC brigand Boy's attractive Wendy FC Sorol's unripened watercourse Indian Scout Sorol's Animas stream Jet MH Bar None's Wild River itinerant JH Vikings's Trumarc N Tova MH Viking's Trumarc'n Tova MH Rebel's south girl III MH M D Houston's transparent gem Lil MHAFC Wrs Bugs Black fog FC AFC Momentum FC Watermark's Power Punch Cycloid Trooper In Trouble CGCGRCH Gateway's Nothin' But disturbance CH Brookland's success mar INT CH Sweetstreet Phsnthill Lil cowherd CH Julsby Hey Good Lookin' CH Gateway's achromatic poultry CH Eickholt's Mojo O'crosswind INT CH Hyspire Gateway Major Chord CGCCH Nimloth Jumpin Jack Flash FC Elmingo's Chasing A Whim AFC Patton's Moby cut FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime Cut To The go after BLK (YELLOW FACTORED) Foxhaven's Chantilly distort MH QAAAFC Hilltop's Boondocker R dinky Breath Of Fresh Air JH Utopias' state capital B2b *** Tiger Mtns Broncos Barrel Man MH*** Elway broncho gentlewoman SH Sly's mysterious Castle *** Long Hollow's state letter of the alphabet JH QAAFC AFC Cotes Du river HRCH Rebel's fair B-Cuz HR Chelseas dwarfish Madeline Star HRCH Sipsey River Coldwater movement MH pony Sally XXI MH Bodine's Wicked Sister SH coin Ridge Phred QAA HRCH Tattle process Belle MHHRCH dixieland young lady Cash On The visible radiation Foul Weather Frostbite MHUH HRCH Trumarcs Up And Atem MHNMH unfashionable Rivers shit Deadlines MHSHR South Wind Miss Demeanor Supers Laci Girl MH Watermark's Hip Shaken Hattie QAA MHAFC Watermark's failure Kali Hart FC AFC Un Petit Peu Canaille dispirited Earth's awheel With The King ***FC Gray's Creek Go voluble female child Lesmark's Ditto JH Little B's Im So all right JH Chasin' Them Birds Of Double K SH Duck Creek's All That roll in the hay SHHRCH UH Old Souths General mahalia jackson MHHRCH Backwater protective garment HRCH water female aristocrat Of Marshes Tioga's tube dreaming Smoothie MHGRHRCH UH dark Warrior's Turbo Diesel MHHRCH UH Britton's lone-star state Duck supernatural being SHHRCH Alexis dulcet water system acadian Cad GRHRCH UH Pope's lawless Josie MH Black fog indication MH QA2HRCH Gdb's Power Pirate Dominator's Slap Shot QAA, MH Backwaters Sweet Mac Abby SH alligator degree drink Soufle JHHR brassy Dixie fille MHHRCH UH tree Tax Day Auditor MH MNHCH electro-acoustic transducer And Anne's Jessemyn CCW Balrion Cuban success CH Kupros Lady's Pride FC AFC Showthyme Cropper's Dazzling lone-star state Indy MHFC AFC Indian Height's Get Away Gr8lnd vehement Up The cover JH Spring Creek's Contessa JHGMHR Stillwater's Dolly Varden JHFC AFC Tara's dark wizard V hard Highseas amphibious assault general assembly Calls MH, QAAFC-AFC Ace On The watercourse III FTCH AFTCH Maralan's sinister legerdemain FTCH AFTCH Firwoodhill Bo Jangles FTCH AFTCH Abigail Of Drakesheath HRCH Beard's travelling human Ann MHAm Ch. 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Arrowhead's Rockin' The Boat MH Culbertson's Arrowhead adventurer MH Arrowhead's mortal Takes All MH Prt Fish Out Of Water SHSRSA Watermarks Indian Outlaw MH QAAFC AFC Mr. Blu-Chip Lucy Cannon SH Blu-Chip High Definition MH***FC Raisa Little Tarnation missy FC-AFC Chica Chica Boom roaring HRCH Best concoction Got A roll MH70 MNH6HRCH Bergans achromatic Coal HRCH Abigail's honest chromatic FC-AFC Tremblin Earth's large Rider HRCH zachary taylor Farm's Canebrake Kate MH Viking's Clamity Kate MHGRHRCH Miss Hattie Mae II MHGMHR I Ramers blink of an eye Cash Machine MH Tasha Of Antler Trails MH Rick's stormy inferno Of Antler Trails MHCFC Mixed Up Mortie Of High Noon CFC Turner's Smokey Boy Harvey Of Avandale 2nd ***FC-AFC Brignall's Nick Can.

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