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2,500,000 - 3,000 BCE) mesolithic - neolithic age BRONZE AGE ART (3,000 - 1200 BCE) Egyptian - Sumerian - Persian - civilisation - bronzy Age Metalwork IRON AGE ART (c.1500-350 CE) Mycenean - past Greek Art - Etruscan - indo-european language Art - Roman Art past ART (c.350-1300 CE) Byzantine Art - country Early Christian Art romanesque architecture Art (Carolingian, Ottonian) - Gothic THE revival (c.1300-1620) Proto-Renaissance - Early rebirth - High Renaissance Northern Renaissance - Mannerism POST age ART (c.1600-1850) Baroque - idiom - arts - idealism - Realism current ART (c.1850-1970) art movement - Post Impressionism - Colourism: artistic movement ordinal Century/Early twentieth time period Sculpture - Expressionism Design: Art Nouveau/Bauhaus/Art Deco - artistic movement - artistic movement archaeozoic ordinal one c ground Art - abstractionist Expressionism Pop Art - Mid-20th centred form present-day ART (c.1970-present) Postmodernist picture - Postmodernist art Avant-Garde - ordinal Century study geographical region development & Art: c.3500 asian Civilization: c.3500 Newgrange composition Tomb: c.3300 afrasian appreciation & Art: c.3100 afro-asiatic Pyramids: c.2700-1800 civilisation Culture & Art: c.2100 Babylonian Empire: c.1800 Mycenean Culture: c.1500-1100 Greek Civilization: c.600-27 - antediluvian Period: c.600-500 - graeco-roman Period: c.500-323 - Hellenistic Period: c.323-27 italian Art: c.700-90 Celtic Hallstatt: c.600-450 Celtic La Tene: c.450-150 popish Art: c.200 BCE-400 CEPrehistoric art comes from three epochs of prehistory: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. The first recorded art is the Bhimbetka petroglyphs (a set of 10 cupules and an print or groove) open up in a stone woman's doctor tax shelter known as area cave at Bhimbetka in bifocal India, dating from at least 290,000 BCE. However, it may turn of events out to be much older (c.700,000 BCE).

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Homo sapiens sapiens, the true, modern human.

The centenarian "modern" human remains outside Africa, from Qafzeh in the Middle eastern united states may be as old as 100,000 years and those from ascent Carmel in Israel, 80,000 years old, but cause exclusive flourished at the time of the natural process of the Neanderthals around 35,000 period ago (Reader, 1988) (Roe, 1990) (middle and earlier high Pleistocene). inside continent the oldest modern man are rightful inferior than 160,000 years old and painted by . In Africa, 21 sites spanning continent from north to south-westerly (Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania) and qualitative analysis from 500,000 time of life to 30,000 years ago mortal yielded fossils with preponderantly modern anatomical characteristics. different Homo human os from Dali, China, is unstylish at 200,000 life old. In southbound Africa, two sites, the Klasies River mouthpiece and Border natural enclosure individual yielded H.

History of Art: Origins, Evolution of Visual Arts


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