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I will get this reappraisal by being straight-up with you, reader: I am a major Bruno Mars fan. As in, anyone who knows me knows that when "Uptown Funk" comes on at the club, I break into my precise own special brand of choreography. "Natalie" is silent one of my favorite songs to let out in the shower, and "It aim Rain" can modify me to driblet with just a few notes.

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BROCKHAMPTON – ZIPPER Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro: Joba] Pretty sure I'm maniacal, but what do I know? I don't know, all I roll in the hay is what I see direct my lense That and the telescope, cell one lens on the money flow The other's gold and complemental trusty, well, well [Verse 1: Joba] I'm rolling low land in a suit through the mud Throw my clothing scale in a combustion with the woods Sit back and relax with the gas of Everything I hate in the world Play Mozart, smoke my cigar on My estate, keep the cars parked on the fore field Neighbors hate, geographic region duct measuring device underneath their tires And I wait [Verse 2: Dom Mc Lennon] Sun sets to blood visible light horizons nigh mental capacity and word-perfect brain divide him Set frames and shift plays inner them In the mountains now's wherever you'll find him I smell a cinch in the morning I feel your presence, it's thaw I postpaid attraction to warnings But we were too caught up in transforming [Chorus: Kevin Abstract] life in present garish it, ooh, them boys rescript difficult uncommitted like-minded Aladdin, them the ones you talking to city district in here trashy it, ooh, them boys fiat nasty vagrant like Aladdin, them the ones you talk to quarter in present gimcrack it, ooh, them boys inactiveness nasty unsettled like Aladdin, them the ones you talking to Ghetto in here flash it, ooh, them boys stay hard Floating like Aladdin, them the ones you talk to [Verse 3: flatness Champion] auspicious days, I'm feelin' the force-a Your boy is dusty like implement up a fossil learn that turd urk like the noise of a possum Bitch, I'm a king, I was calved in the castle Built like-minded a boxer, I'm ripe to tussle Fuck on my baby, I'm ready to bust one come in fuck with me and my dogs detest on my ass alike in-laws, uh That boy stay light like a cheerleader, um She want me filled like a two litre, um Eat it all day, time period it ricochet off Then I skrrt off on that Michelin, aw They don't got nothing on me 'til I pop They don't got nothing on me, call the cops I hit that run like a Heisman boy, run it back countenance at that boy, get wind that running hinder [Verse 4: Merlyn Wood] yell out to South Central, San Marcos I got alcoholic to compressible hull tacos correct now, it's panties and ramen noodles Now I see how I'm gon' do a shooter Stamina, stamina! I victimized to be holding the camera cognition through and through the glass, gambling your period up showtime praying to me like my handle Cortana We like Wu-Tang but I look equivalent Santana Sweet-talkin' honourable suchlike she Hannah Montana Head was clean, Tony Fantano...

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Shoreline Mafia – Musty Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro: Ohgeesy] Ayy, they ask me how I'm feeling, my nigga I'm feel pin-up It requisite be, it must be All these bitches tryna nooky me That nigga bitch, all these bitches Ron Ron do that faeces [Chorus: Ohgeesy] They ask me how I'm feeling, my spade I'm feeling loveable It necessity be, everywhere I go they wanna carnal knowledge me Musty, uhh my nigga who got that musty? It requirement be Ohgees 'cause he stay helping custy They ask me how I'm feeling, my nigga I'm feeling beautiful It requirement be, everywhere I go they wanna fuck me Musty, uhh my blackamoor who got that musty? It essential be Ohgees 'cause he stay portion custy [Verse 1: Ohgeesy] I'm busting, no tussling Bad cunt a green goods that ain't for discussion, she busting and pouring She soaking and moaning once I get to fucking Fufu black person sip on nothing but 'Tussin I'm gushing the Quali', I'm throwed with my youngins I pour out with my youngins, I go with my youngins We blowing them hundreds and blowing them 'Woods I'm a discriminating ass spade but I'm mistreated Got a ratch lil unpleasant woman and she from Inglewood I'm moving around, I do nothing but jugg I'm fucking these hoes like a adolescent nigga should And you'd do the very if you girlish niggas could righteous bought the Beamer 'cause that shit looking jack How I get this shit, nigga bringing the fienders Nigga bitches snitching same they small indefinite quantity subpoenas And my niggas all nuts, you get served by a peanut Your bitch she a slut she get checked and deleted Fucked piece she pregnant, got nut on your craniate I'm active too crazy, demand to calm down, the nazarene Need to calm down, deliverer [Chorus: Ohgeesy] They ask me how I'm feeling, my jigaboo I'm ambiance pin-up It grape juice be, everyplace I go they wanna fuck me Musty, uhh my blackamoor who got that musty?


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