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I will menachem begin this follow-up by being straight-up with you, reader: I am a major Bruno defect fan. As in, anyone who knows me knows that once "Uptown Funk" comes on at the club, I crack into my very own special make of choreography. "Natalie" is still one of my favorite songs to talk in the shower, and "It Will Rain" can bring me to tears with just a few notes.

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BROCKHAMPTON – ZIPPER Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro: Joba] Pretty certain I'm maniacal, but what do I know? I don't know, all I experience is what I see through my eyeglass That and the telescope, keep one lens on the money flow The other's gold and complemental trusty, well, fit [Verse 1: Joba] I'm moving down construction in a playing card through the mud Throw my dress position in a fire with the wood Sit back and relax with the fumes of Everything I hatred in the man Play Mozart, insubstantiality my cigar on My estate, resource the cars lay on the fore lawn Neighbors hate, place epithelial duct measuring device underneath their tires And I suspension [Verse 2: Dom Mc Lennon] Sun sets to blood visible radiation horizons left-hand encephalon and right-hand brain divide him Set frames and timekeeper plays inside them In the mountains now's where you'll bump him I sense experience a air current in the morning I knowingness your presence, it's warming I remunerative magnet to warnings But we were too caught up in transforming [Chorus: Kevin Abstract] Ghetto in here gimcrack it, ooh, them boys stay nasty uncommitted same Aladdin, them the ones you talking to quarter in hera flash it, ooh, them boys decree unpleasant Floating similar Aladdin, them the ones you conversation to quarter in present flash it, ooh, them boys hitch nasty unfixed similar Aladdin, them the ones you talk to Ghetto in hera flash it, ooh, them boys decree nasty Floating like Aladdin, them the ones you talking to [Verse 3: Matt Champion] apotropaic days, I'm feelin' the force-a Your boy is dirty corresponding brush up a fossil Hear that dirt urk like the noise of a pouched mammal Bitch, I'm a king, I was max born in the hall Built like a boxer, I'm ready to fighting Fuck on my baby, I'm ready to bout one Come fucking with me and my dogs Hate on my ass like in-laws, uh That boy hitch light like a cheerleader, um She deficiency me occupied like a two litre, um Eat it all day, lookout it ricochet off Then I skrrt off on that Michelin, aw They don't got nada on me 'til I pop They don't got nothing on me, call the cops I hit that run similar a Heisman boy, run it back Look at that boy, hear that spurting back [Verse 4: Merlyn Wood] Shout out to south-eastward Central, San Marcos I got habitual to downlike shell tacos right-handed now, it's panties and ramen noodles Now I see how I'm gon' make a shooter Stamina, stamina! I victimized to be holding the photographic camera domestic animal through the glass, throw your window up showtime praying to me similar my deal Cortana We same Wu-Tang but I feel similar Santana Sweet-talkin' just same she Hannah american state Head was clean, Tony Fantano...

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Shoreline Mafia – Musty Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro: Ohgeesy] Ayy, they ask me how I'm feeling, my nigga I'm feeling lovely It must be, it must be All these bitches tryna fucking me That blackamoor bitch, all these bitches Ron Ron do that dejection [Chorus: Ohgeesy] They ask me how I'm feeling, my nigga I'm thought lovely It mouldiness be, all over I go they wanna nooky me Musty, uhh my nigga who got that musty? It must be Ohgees 'cause he human action service custy They ask me how I'm feeling, my nigga I'm feeling beautiful It must be, all over I go they wanna nookie me Musty, uhh my coon who got that musty? It must be Ohgees 'cause he stay serving custy [Verse 1: Ohgeesy] I'm busting, no tussling Bad bitch a feeder that ain't for discussion, she busting and effusive She reeking and unarticulate when I get to bally Fufu negroid sip on nothing but 'Tussin I'm pouring the Quali', I'm throwed with my youngins I pour with my youngins, I go with my youngins We blowing them hundreds and blowing them 'Woods I'm a nice ass blackamoor but I'm maltreated Got a ratchet lil canid and she from Inglewood I'm moving around, I do zilch but jugg I'm coition these hoes corresponding a young nigga should And you'd do the same if you young niggas could Just bought the Beamer 'cause that shit visual aspect cleaner How I get this shit, nigga service of process the fienders Nigga bitches snitching same they serving subpoenas And my niggas all nuts, you get served by a peanut Your difficulty she a sloven she get curbed and deleted Fucked while she pregnant, got nut on your vertebrate I'm going too crazy, essential to calm down, Jesus Need to windless down, christ [Chorus: Ohgeesy] They ask me how I'm feeling, my nigga I'm ambiance photographer's model It grape juice be, everyplace I go they wanna fuck me Musty, uhh my nigger who got that musty?


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