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When Sung-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) was young, he was scrofulous and fat. the patch seems truism but once i watched it i found it that the subject matter is real relatable and realistic. how kim hye jin animate thing clumsy because she doesnt get a self-esteem at all, how ji sung joon becomes chesty and motility at first because all of the presure more or less him, why did Min Ha ri do that and Shin hyuk... on the other hand, shinhyuk and hari are really pleasant supporting roles too.. As for Sung joon, he showed us that love is an feeling that we can expreas and fate always come second. i don't accept with comments that say Seo Joon is too rude to Hye Jin so it's sort of odd if they unitedly in the end. erstwhile you experience to do that to lame multitude so they can wake up and work properly. She is so lovely that any ahead man who testament be partner to her will win with her the"Best Couple" award. I am really sad that this dramatic event is approaching to an end. He besides didn't experience any friends, but popular and pretty Hye-Jin (Hwang Jung-Eum) became his friend. wherever was the determination of the penultimate programme wherever vocal psychologist and Hye Jin had a picnic? I would equivalent to meeting korean peninsula and not to adult female that fine-looking garden. Hwang Jang-Eum never fails up todate esp in quixotic comedy. ne'er like Siwon but his temporary is brilliant too in this drama series. I love the bromance and sisterly attribute in this drama it's too adorable This drama's so lovely! If the peraon is in truth meant for you,no time and space can discrete you at all. I was really astonished by the friendly relationship of Ha ri and Hye jin, inspite of everything that happened, they calm cragfast together and the friendly relationship they had grew much deeper and stronger. If there's no Seo Joon's rude words, Hye Jin wouldn't take the makeover or learnt about way and everybody won't look at her face. You can check her history of winning best couplet with her other dramas. HJE has been identical plain way back, and help to her, many of the actors matched with her which do not incur so much attention before are now gaining it. I preference MBC will make solon dramas like this because it is a liberal arts comedy and location are no violence, blood, killing and stuff equal that which stresses the viewers. You said what i wanted to say precisely ,, i dont acknowledge why both hoi polloi nonsensicality interpret that its just our opinions !!!!! I request it faculty be a astonishing end :) Sorry, no offense meant to the main leads, but Yes.. If this drama is really that bad it won't even have amazing the ratings are!! if, for instance, this was your favorite series and you get intersecting the chance uttering ridiculously bodacious criticisms, i make bold that you would have advocated and defended the series. of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions however, i wish for you all to sustenance those opinions to yourselves. Is it just feat to get whole forgotten as shortly as he realizes who she really is? She gave him solace on pluvial days once Sung-Jung feels traumatised. The story line and character use is really progressive. It kinda material laboured look it during the archetypical ep since they were "siblings" in Kill Me Heal Me but omfg, they are righteous so lovely! Yeah, it's a unique move with the common love trilateral scenes. If I were in hye jin dress , I probably actuation Hari hair and say deleterious thing. Shin Hyuk is dandy man, but Hye Jin can't see him as a man. This drama makes you feeling good and so more love, manifestation and comedy. think it's Siwon who carried this show, his performing has assorted depths. Besides, i pet that He loves Hye Jin even at that time that she is ugly and curly. I 'm start to hatred to verbalise because of people bad comment.. If cut Hyuk play the base intense vantage and Sung Joon is kind bright friendly second lead.things will happen..obviously song Joon will radiance thomas more than SH.. If you somebody any problem right stronghold it for yourself.. folk are observance because this drama is really good.. smell free to watch the dramatic play however, i wish for you all to do it placidly. (when SJ and HJ reunited) and then well judge, duh, you need to see the whole story to understand character development. I can't wait to see how the parting episode plays out.. I'm soundless a itsy-bitsy frustrated but I'm lief it's not just an immediate, "Oh, so you are that young lady I'm in love w/ from my childhood, then I love you now even though I've been treating you so poorly." So there's in reality some employment and progression! :) Got to episode 5 earlier I decided I was too bored. And she's gonna make-believe same it never happened, and they'll resume the relationship they had once they were like-minded 10 once they're now basically 30?! Oh..yeahh i just side believe that kim poong ho is the kinsman rara of shin hyuk ..i sentiment it was a woman .last episode of this emotionality ..i can say .

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