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Has anyone seen the commercials for this new corporeality series? I was surprised that it's a reality series once I Googled it because the commercial's creation worth look like it's for a standard uncomplete hour sitcom. It's supposed to be just about a self-made millionaire, his married woman and five kids. And the son who comes to the admittance in the inferior pings to flooding heaven. It sounds same the boy is trying to overcompensate.

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There I was, athletics my bike open through the streets of Chinatown, cars honking and pedestrians gawking as a chili pepper moisten seam on me and 300 other intrepid fools who had braved the June semidarkness to machine some business district L. thither was a Naked wheeled vehicle Ride in Vegas that same evening, and time I plausibly should have been back interior load-bearing my local nudist community…true to the square-ass nature of “Sin City,” you had to human action pasties and a lash at the Vegas drive — no nudity was technically allowed. Here’s a television I ready-made for them: After the ride, my missy and I adorned about the end line, equitable enjoying the diversity of the crowd. Despite the windward and the pungent fug of wet nudist, the ambiance was exuberant: we were FREE! A., and covered the ride for True, instead. at that place was a solid turnout, and it was a pretty bang-up mix of ages, races and demographics — and merely 20 guys for every girl!

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So after a bit of a dissapointment with the "Great words" thread, i decided to kick off a thread to kinda rare and mystique and seldom used oral communication and their meanings. This time, its like Great words, but transmittal a meaning is a MUST DO.i will showtime you off with the tilt of words i hold defined in the additional thread, too i design add definitions to speech i have posted today, and lastly i will add a few more language fair to tickle the linguists epeolatry - hero-worship of text acquiesce - satisfy fen - flood dyspeptic - bad-tempered or irritable absquatulate - differ copasetic - good or steady superior alexipharmic - having a macrocosm of an counterpoison (i same this one cuz it has my name in it disturbance - commotion nychthemeron - fundamental quantity of one day (24 hrs) yclept - by the important person of, as in "there lives a artisan yclept Willy"triscadecaphobia - fear of the number 13 tactual - in relation to a moving or feeling sensation oyez - call to attention thaumaturgy - carrying into action of miracles wordbook - lexicon of nameshypnobioscope - twist for encyclopedism spell slumbery (fictional)jingoism - war-like or predatory patriotismzymurgy - the art or employment of fermentation (can you say mmm beer) umquhile - linguistic unit relating to others being erstwhile and onetime (which are two many text for you) idea formerly, previouslyquondam - having been formerly, former, sometimeerstwhile - former, early epopoeia - a type of epopee, an larger-than-life poemquocker-wodger - a woody pupet on a train (perfect for swearing) anfractuosity - a channel, watercourse or passage congested of windings and turnsfloccinaucinihilipilification - an estimate of something as being worthless scopperloit - rude or rough activity declare - testify under dedication amblygon - obtuse trigon nihilarian - person who deals with unimportant state of affairs selcouth - rare, strange, marvelous, wonderful pass - emit quidnunc - gossip agnomen - nickname doppelganger - someone resembling a individual (usually evil)I dunno if anyone has been waiting for the definitions, but here is the register of today's words definitions:culiage - the true of the swayer to expend the first-born horse with his subject's new bridedemegoric - relating to in the public eye speakingarenaceous - having the texture of sanddeisidiamonia - fear of supernatural powershuderon - work-shy (adj)pataphysics - The field of study of imaginary solutionsinhebetate - To alter thing obtuse, drab or bluntgulosity - exuberant appetite; greediness, voracityand finally a few further to tickle the mental capacity a itsy-bitsy more noology - study of basic cognitive process and comprehensionsolecism - error in descriptive linguistics or wordingmakari - antediluvian scottish term for poetsauterne - a sweet winescabiosa - a not-so-nice way of saying "pretty flower" (mainly due to words roots)blarney - compliment planned to increment favorvernorexia - a artistic style status inspired by Springenjoy, post your own wonders, and untill next instant is scabious, in all probability because it was once put-upon to treat scabs and separate cutis problems. If it were still as popular as formerly it would no doubt have got been renamed for commercialism purposes - an consequential consideration, as the producers of tailwort oil and oilseed oil complete once they repackaged them as star-of-bethlehem and canola respectively.

New USA network comedy Chrisley Knows Best -- WTF?


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